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Real estate is the only industry Simone Bullen has ever known – or ever wanted to know. And property management has always held a particular point of interest. Not surprising then that through her early career Simone became one of the area’s most dynamic and respected property managers.

This focus on property management soon gave rise to the concept of establishing her own business. The dream eventually became a reality, and in 2005 Simone Bullen Real Estate opened its doors.

From day one, Simone’s mission has always been to appreciate her clients’ needs, provide a service that’s second-to-none, and of course deliver an impressive result each and every time.

For nearly 10 years, Simone Bullen Real Estate has successfully leased hundreds of properties with an outstanding track-record of customer satisfaction from both landlords and tenants.

Simone’s aim has never been to be the biggest, but definitely to be the best – delivering professional and personalized service to clients not just at the point of leasing, but throughout the entire duration of the lease and beyond.


Main Services

Better property management means greater returns from investment property and greater peace-of-mind for landlords. Our landlords demand higher rents, less vacancy, better tenants lower overheads and a level of care not offered by agencies that treat ‘rentals’ as second fiddle to their ‘sales’ commitments.

Information for Landlords
Information for Tenants

Getting the most out of your investment

Better property management means greater returns from investment property and greater peace-of-mind for landlords. Our landlords demand higher rents, less vacancy, better tenants lower overheads and a level of care not offered by agencies that treat ‘rentals’ as second fiddle to their ‘sales’ commitments.

Taking Care of Your Property

We don’t do sales. Our team is 100% dedicated to managing your property.

The First Step

To see the difference for yourself call us to set up an initial meeting. Our Dedicated Property Managers will provide you with insight into:

  • The current market conditions
  • The potential rental value of your property
  • Our innovative marketing options
  • How to obtain higher quality tenants
  • And the most appropriate level of service for your investment

Changing Agents

The process of changing from your existing agent to Simone Bullen is as simple as calling us to authorise the transfer, your new Dedicated Property Manager will organise the rest. Transferring is free, so if you are not happy with the service you are currently receiving from your existing property manager take the first step towards a better option – contact us today.

Marketing Your Property

At Simone Bullen we know what works and we will not recommend you spend money on unnecessary marketing activities. Talk to your Dedicated Property Manager about your options. Common alternatives include:

  • SMS alerts to selected prospective tenants
  • Email alerts to selected prospective tenants
  • VIP pre-release inspections
  • Online listings on simonebullen.com.au, realestate.com.au, and other sites open for inspection 24/7
  • Advertisement in local newpapers (if required)
  • Virtual tours, floor plans creation and other creative (if required)
  • We operate a Dedicated Rental Hotline to take enquiries from prospective tenants 7 days a week


For your piece-of-mind your Dedicated Property Manager can ensure all prospective tenants are escorted through your property on inspection. Viewing sessions are crucial to providing tenants with an opportunity to evaluate your property. At your request we can even invite selected tenants to preview your property prior to public listing.

Selecting Your Tenant

Our comprehensive screening process is designed to provide landlords with better quality tenants and greater piece-of-mind. Our standard process includes:

  • Personal ID checks
  • Employment reference checks
  • National database search
  • Previous rental history
  • Personal reference checks

Dedicated Ongoing Management

Our dedication to your property doesn’t stop once you have a tenant. We continue to provide landlords with a level of service not matched by other agencies. We don’t just manage your property, we also manage your tenants.

Buying & Selling

Our team is dedicated to property management. Because of our established and trusted relationships we are often asked by landlords for assistance in selling their properties’. We don’t do sales however we understand the importance of selecting the best agent to assist and are more than willing to make a couple of recommendations based on your needs. Call your Dedicated Property Manager for some free advice.

Selecting our Tenants

Simone Bullen Real Estate carefully selects tenants for our properties. We encourage tenants with a good rental record to sign up for our Property 1st Alerts and allow us to help you find your next home. Landlords give us the best properties because we provide the best service.

Renting With Us

We take the selection of our tenants very seriously… so if you are renting from us congratulations. We have compiled the following information for your benefit please read it carefully.

Electricity, Gas and Telephone

It is your responsibility to ensure all services to your new property are placed into your name on commencement of your lease. It is also your responsibility to organise final meter readings and disconnections prior to departure. For assistance contact your utility providers.

Your Porter can assist you with all connections and disconnections. Phone them on 1300400600 or visit www.yourporter.com.au

Making it Easy to Pay Rent

For your convenience you can pay your rent via telephone using B-Pay, over the internet or via Direct Debit from your account. If you require assistance do not hesitate to contact our office.

Under your Rental Tenancy Agreement all rent is payable in advance. If at anytime you are unable to make a rental payment please contact our office immediately. As required by legislation, failure to do so may result in your lease being terminated and action taken against you for overdue amounts and any associated costs.

Your Bond

The amount payed as bond will be lodged with the Victorian Rental Tenancy Bond Authority (RTBA). Upon lodgement you should receive confirmation form the RTBA providing you with a Bond Number.

Your bond will be promptly refunded upon vacating the premises providing the property is left in a satisfactory condition and no rent or other issues remain outstanding.

Condition Reports

Please make any additional comments or alterations to the Report you feel are necessary, sign it, retain the blue (change this to tenant copy) copy and return the remaining copies to our office with in 3 days of commencement.

Periodic Inspections

After commencement of your tenancy periodic inspections will be organised to advise the owner of the condition of the property and allow you to discuss any maintenance issues that may have arisen.

Your Dedicated Property Manager will generally be required to provide you with 7 days notice prior to any inspection.


The owners insurance over the property does not include your belongings. It is highly recommended that you obtain comprehensive contents insurance for your own piece of mind.

Repairs and Maintenance

All requests for repairs are best made via our website.
In the event that the repair is urgent please contact our office immediately. If you cannot contact your Dedicated Property Manager refer to the emergency contact information provided on commencement of lease.


Your Dedicated Property Manager retains a duplicate set of keys to your property. Please note that locks can only be changed after permission is sought from your property manager and a new set of key received.


Your tenancy agreement stipulates the maximum number of people allowed to occupy your property. Any change in original occupants or additions to the original occupants need to be communicated to your Dedicated Property Manager immediately.

Simone’s aim is to deliver professional and personalized service to clients throughout the duration of the lease and beyond.

Simone Bullen

Growing up in an environment of family-owned and operated retail businesses, the art of customer service was a natural instinct in the Bullen household. No surprise then that Simone has gone on to establish the area’s finest customer-focused property management agency.

“I pride myself on understanding and listening to my client’s needs and take delight in being part of the property journey.”

A part-time holiday job as a teenager with a local agent introduced Simone to the dynamic world of real estate. 28 years on, it’s a world she’s still just as passionate about.

Working with some of most recognized names in real estate, Simone honed her property management skills and vast experience with the best. She viewed property management not just as one integral part of the business, but as the integral part of the business.

In 2005, Simone realised this dream and established her own company – focusing purely on property management. The success of Simone Bullen Real Estate over that time speaks for itself.

Born and bred in the area, Simone’s a true local – Flemington Racecourse member, supporter of the Kangaroos, and an expert knowledge of every fine restaurant in Moonee Valley!

Our Team

Essendon local Emma Carletti has over-achieved in every aspect of her colourful career with experience and accomplishments across the globe. Enjoying a successful career in events management both in South Africa and the UK, Emma knows the importance of customer service and relationship building.

Followed by an additional seven years in the real estate industry, Emma comes to Simone Bullen Real Estate as a property management professional with a unique combination of global experience and local knowledge.

Emma Carletti

Originally from Adelaide, Emma Mace has resided in Melbourne since 1997 forging a successful career in the fields of travel and real estate.

In more recent times, Emma has been actively involved in property development with her particular expertise being interior design, fixture selection and colour palettes.

Instinctive customer focus combined with a hands-on real estate experience has provided Emma Mace with the perfect skill set in her property management role at Simone Bullen Real Estate.

Emma Mace

It was no surprise to anyone that Nikki Gervasi’s career journey would eventually find its way into the property market with her dad being a successful and highly-respected commercial real estate agent.

Born and bred in Essendon, Nikki’s assertive personality and competitive spirit were honed at an early age growing up as the only girl in family of brothers. Completing a double degree in advertising, Nikki found immediate success in retail sales before embarking on her own highly-accomplished real estate career.

Nikki Gervasi quickly proved to be a powerful force in her own right becoming a fully licensed agent and consistent high-achiever with exceptional sales results across Moonee Valley and beyond. It’s evident to all that Nikki loves her work. She lives and breathes real estate, but also finds time for family and friends, great food and opportunities to travel as rare as they now may be.

Find out more about Property Sales 

Nikki Gervasi

Originally from Mildura, Samantha Eastwood has always been a people person, and building client relationships is something she’s enjoyed doing her whole career.

Samantha’s professional integrity, client connection and innate communication skills ensured her as an integral part of Simone Bullen’s property management team where her innate customer focus and endless energy are fully appreciated.

Samantha Eastwood

A keen renovator and gardener, Joy’s interest in all things property-related is an equal mix of personal passion and professional ambition.

Prior to joining the Simone Bullen Real Estate team, Joy’s accomplished career in real estate has been defined by achievements in a broad range of specialist streams.

With the benefit of a Master of Marketing, Joy has experienced and thrived in aspects of real estate including marketing, sales, property management, administration and project marketing.

A true ‘people person’, Joy’s business acumen and communication skills have found new value at Simone Bullen Real Estate that’s well-appreciated by landlords and tenants alike.

A keen traveller, Joy’s time away from the office is often spent walking her dog and planning the next overseas adventure.

Joy Modistach

Our resident barketing assistants, Ellie Dog and Murphy are the essential office companions, eager to sniff out treats and beg for belly rubs.

Ellie & Murphy

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We recognize that building a long-term relationship with you depends a great deal on trust. This trust begins with our commitment to respecting as well as protecting your privacy. We've structured our web sites so that, in general, you can visit Simone Bullen Real Estate on the Web without identifying yourself or revealing any personal information. Once you choose to provide us personally identifiable information (name, address, e-mail address, phone number, etc.) you can be assured that it will only be used to support your customer relationship with Simone Bullen Real Estate.